Perform user research in simple strokes, find insights faster.

Handle the user-research cycle, from interview bookings to finding insights in a simple all-in-one app.

No credit card needed

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Book participants like a pro

No more email back-and-forth trying to book time for a session.

Invite in a few clicks

Privately invite participants already stored or create a public link and share it with your users however you want.

Self-booking page

Interested participants can easily book a video conference session with you based on your availability.

Reusable templates

Create reusable templates for all the emails in the user research lifecycle — invitation, confirmation, thank you.

Use the tools you already love

Magnolia connects with the apps you use daily so user interviews become easy and painless.

Gmail & Outlook

Automated, personal emails

All your emails to participants are sent through your Gmail or Outlook inbox so they feel personal and authentic.

Google Calendar

Always in sync with your schedule

Participants only see your available time slots and we automatically create calendar events for sessions.


Transcription of your recordings

In addition to automatically scheduling Zoom meetings, we transcribe your recordings to text when the session is over.

Build your repository of knowledge

Have all your user interview transcripts and notes in one place. Surface what really matters into insights.

Your session recordings, transcribed

As soon as your session with a participant is over, we automatically transcribe the Zoom recording to text and add it as an artifact to your repository.

Highlight and tag the best insights

Highlight snippets of your transcripts and other artifacts and tag them to topics. Share your repository with your colleagues and push your insights to 3rd party apps (soon).

What customers are saying

Magnolia is my clear choice when it comes to having a centralized repository for opted-in user testers and the insights that we gather from them. The UX is simple and minimalistic, which is great because my team and I are already bogged down with heavy tools like JIRA and Pendo. We just need something simple and efficient, and Magnolia is just that! - R. Dankoff, Estateably

All-in-one. Truly.

Magnolia has everything product managers, designers, and UX researchers need to make user interviews work for them.

Rewards (soon)

Automatically reward participants with vouchers they can convert to prepaid Visa cards, retail gift cards, or charity donations.

NDA e-signatures

Require participants to read and e-sign a non-disclosure agreement (or any other document) when they book a time with you.

Unguided sessions

Have users complete a series of steps and answer questions on their own time, without any researcher present.

Shared repository

Share a read-only version of your repository of artifacts and insights with anyone at the company, free of charge.

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